Apps Without Code Bootcamp

"This process of Testing My Startup Idea got me thousands of users, $35,000 in revenue, and $100,000 from investors.." 

Hi, my name is Tara Reed.

I'm a tech entrepreneur...

and if you are reading this, then chances are you have an idea for an awesome startup... 

A startup that will make people's lives easier... or more fun... or maybe even more meaningful!

Of course, there is a but…

You have a great idea for an app BUT you don’t know the first thing about coding and you’re terrified of the high fees you’ve heard that app developers charge. 

So what do you do?

Well, what if I told you there was a way to test your app idea WITHOUT knowing code … a way that enabled me personally to get thousands of users, $35,000 in revenue and my first $100,000 investment in my company … ALL WITHOUT ME WRITING A SINGLE LINE OF CODE!

Did that get your attention? Are you interested in learning more? If so, please get comfortable and hang out with me for a minute...

A few years ago I created an app – without having any programming knowledge whatsoever 

At the time, I had NO idea whether my startup idea would work or not. 

So I created something called an "AppHack" that allowed me to test my idea without wasting months of my time or thousands of dollars (that I didn't have).

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t test & create your own app idea like I did … and make five figures or more just from it!

What is an AppHack?

An AppHack is a simplified version of your app idea.

Instead of coding the app from scratch, you use a cool 'hack' to build the app yourself.

There are 2 types of AppHacks:

1) An Invisible App: 

Instead of having a portal where users login, you meet the customer where they already are! This means you send the user all the personalized information (that they would have received inside the app) via SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger or any tool the user ALREADY HAS on their phone.

Invisible apps are a hot new trend in Silicon Valley. They're great for testing recommendation engines (think Netflix), on-demand services (think Uber), etc.

2) An Off-The-Shelf App:

This is when you use a simple app-builder to create your app. The app builder gives users have their own login + account.

There are so many different easy off-the-shelf tools you can use. I'll help you find the best one. 

Here's an example of apps build using a cool app builder called MightyBell

Creating an AppHack is the FIRST thing you should do...

It really saves you months of frustrating work and thousands of dollars.

It helps you figure out:

  •  Which features your users care about
  •  How much people are willing to pay
  •  The best way to get users to sign up

...without spending the $10,000 it usually costs to build an app. 

For me, my AppHack generated my company's first $35,000 and helped us land our first $100,000 investment.

Here's How The Course Works

The Ultimate 8-Week Training for Beginning Entrepreneurs Who Want to Finally Launch Their Startup Idea!

Each week we’ll have a live Q&A video session where we’ll go through the steps you need to create & test your app idea.

In addition to those chat sessions, which will be held at night or on the weekend so that they don’t interfere with your current job, you will also enjoy access to:

  •  30+ online training lessons that reveal step by step what you need to do to test your idea & turn it into a profitable app without knowing how to program

  •  Live weekly Q&A calls your Coach where you can get answers to your particular questions as well as listen and learn from the questions of others

  •  Access to the private Apps Without Code Community where you can discuss difficulties you are having, exciting accomplishments you’ve made, and get advice and tips from others.

What You'll Learn

In this online course, you’ll learn: 

1) How to design a killer website for your startup

2) How to use existing technology to create version 1 of your app 

3) How to get your first 100 customers (or land your first contract) 

4) How to build a waitlist for your app that will increase excitement about it and will have people begging to get their hands on it 

5) How to start making money from your startup NOW, before you even build the whole thing 

6) The different options for monetizing your startup 

7) How to build your brand identity so that people see you as a thought leader in your market 

8) How to solicit feedback from initial customers so that you are able to fine-tune your app and create a product that thousands will want to buy 

And much, much more ---- 

Who is Apps Without Code Bootcamp for?  

Apps Without Code Bootcamp is ideal for any non-technical entrepreneur who has an idea for a tech startup...  

  • Have you tested your app idea with real users yet? 
  • Do you already have 100 people on your app waitlist?
  •  Are you 100% ready to invest in all your time into this idea? 

If you said "no" to any of those questions, Apps Without Code Bootcamp is for you! 

Join Apps Without Code Bootcamp 

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Don't Forget My Guarantee

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It’s time to take action. Sign up for Apps Without Code Bootcamp and discover how to turn your idea into a profit-producing startup.

To your future success,

Tara Reed